Product model RAP-40 1K NC Grey Primer Product category 1K NC Grey Primer
Product details RAP-40 1K NC PrimerCar Paint Auto Paint Car Coating Automotive Paint Car Refinish
RAP-40 1K NC Grey Primer
Characteristic NC Auto Grey Primer is a fast drying antirust primer with excellent adhesion and overcoating properties, making it an ideal base for optimum gloss development in subsequent top coats.
Unapplicable Surstrates Surface of stainless steel, aluminum, zinc iron, wood, etc
Surstrates Treatment Remove contaminations with degreaser before sanded
Mixing Ratio RAP-40 1K NC Grey Primer RAP-1/2/3 Thinner 
1 Part 1-1.5 Parts
Pot Life 48 hours@20
Spray Viscosity 18-22 Seconds at 25 
No. of Coats 2-3 Coats
Flash-off Time 5-10 Minutes at 25
Each thickness 20-40 Micron
Spray Pressure Gravity Feed:1.2-1.5mm; Siphon Feed: 1.2-1.7mm; 
Drying Time 30minutes @20 ; 15 minutes @60
Shelf Life 2 years since the production date if sealed and kept in a cool and dry place 
Packing 4 KG * 4 cans/carton

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