Product model RAP-888 Extra Fast Drying Clear Coat (2:1) Product category Extra Fast Drying Clear Coat
Product details RAP-888 Extra Fast Drying Clearcoat (2:1)
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RAP-888 Extra Fast Drying Clear Coat (2:1) 
Characteristic  Excellent performance & weather resistence, economical price & super fast drying effect under the normal temperatura; produced with a special modified acrylic resin as a film-forming material
Substrates 1K basecoat
Substrates Treatment Remove paint dust and contaminations with degreaser
Mixing Ratio RAP-888 Extra Fast Drying Clear RAP-800  Hardener for RAP-888 RAP-1/2/3 Thinner
2 Parts 1 Part 0.1-0.15 Part
18 RAP-888 RAP-800-1 RAP-1
18-30 RAP-888 RAP-800-2 RAP-2
30 RAP-888 RAP-800-3 RAP-3
Remarks After mixing with hardener, must finish the operation within 30 min;
Not suitable for the large surface, must pay attention to the pot life
Pot Life 0.5 hours@20
Spray Viscosity 14-20 seconds at 20
No. of Coats 2-3 coats
Flash-off Time 2-3 min
Each Thickness 30-50 micron
Spray Pressure Gravity Feed: 1.2-1.5 mm; Siphon Feed: 1.2-1.7 mm; Spray Gun Pressure: 3-5KG/2
Drying Time Dust Free time Installation time
45 min@20℃ 60-90 min @20℃
Sandability Use over P2000 sand paper to polish.
Shelf Life 3 years since the production date if sealed and kept in a cool and dry place
Packing 1L*12 cans/carton; 4L*6 cans/carton; 5L*4 cans/carton