Product model RAP-11 Hardener for Epoxy Primer Product category Epoxy Primer Hardener
Product details RAP-11 Hardener for Eoxy PrimerCar Paint Auto Paint Car Coating Automotive Paint Car Refinish
RAP-11 Hardener for Epoxy Primer 
Characteristic Special hardener for expoxy primer, very fast hardening, good adhesive ability. Please seal the can tightly after use as hardener is sensitive is to moisture. Absorption of moisture can lead to chemical reaction, concreting and swollen volume. 
Match with RAP-10 Epoxy Primer, RAP-12 Epoxy Thinner
Mixing Ratio
by volume
RAP-10 Expoxy PrimerRAP-11 Epoxy Hardener RAP-12 Epoxy Thinner = 4 : 1 : 1-2
Viscosity 30±10S/25
Using Mix with paint, and add thinner to mix
Remarks Can not mix with other primer nor topcoat
Shelf Life 1 years since the production date if sealed and kept in a cool and dry place. Please keep away from direct sunlight in storage.
Packing 1L*12 cans/carton