Product model A/S/P Series 1K Basecoat Colors Product category 1K Basecoat
Product details 1K Basecoat Metallic/Silver/Pearl/Pearl & Crystal Colors A / S / P / PX Series
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1K Basecoat Metallic/Silver/Pearl/Pearl & Crystal Colors A / S / P / PX Series
Characteristic  Made from weathering resistant resins, high gloss & good hiding power, excellent metallic effect and easy to apply. The basecoat range is ideal for use on cars, commercial vehicles equipment as well as repairing existing OEM two and three coat systems and design work. Formulated with the highest quality range of lightfast pigments to meet the OEM.  Colour standards, the basecoat range guarantees excellent coverage and flow. Intermediate and advanced car body of two-component coating, hard paint film, flexible, shiny and plentiful. Particularly good protection and hiding power, color bright. Solventborne basecoat mixing system designed to produce solid, pearl, metallic and xirallic colors. For use from small repairs to total resprays. Excellent drying properties. Easy application, Fast Flash-off time, Excellent color accuracy, High number of color formulations, Good flow.
Substrates Treatment Remove paint dust & contaminations with degreaser before sanded; dried and sanded existing finishes, primers 
Mixing Ratio 1K Basecoat color  Thinner
1 Part 1-1.1 Part
18 A / S / P / PX Series RAP-1
18-30 A / S / P / PX Series RAP-2
30 A / S / P / PX Series RAP-3
Remarks To use slow thinner or add proper retarder solvent to avoid mottling at high temperature,
Pot Life  24 hours at 20
Spray Viscosity 16-22 minutes at 20
No. of Coats 2-3 coats
Flash-off Time 3-5 minutes 
Each Thickness 10-20 micron
Spray Pressure Gravity Feed: 1.2-1.5mm; Siphon Feed: 1.2-1.7mm; Spary Gun Pressure: 3-5KG/cm²
Drying Time Temperature Dust Free Application time of next process
20 5 minutes 10-15 minutes
Sandability Wet sanding P1000 sand paper if need polish.
Shelf Life 3 years since the production date if sealed and kept in a cool and dry place
Packing 1L*12 cans/carton or 4L*4 cans/carton